Best of: Polar

Standing on Salisbury Plains, South Georgia surrounded by 200, 000 king Penguins; zodiac cruising amongst the towering blue icebergs of the Antarctic Peninsula; walking the wild and windswept tundra in the footsteps of Sir John Franklin in the Canadian North

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The Batavia 391st Anniversary by Peregrine Clients and WA Batavia Experts Peter & Jill Worsley OAM

When the Batavia left Holland to sail to the Spice Islands as part of a fleet under the command of Francisco Pelsart, its skipper was Adriaan Jacobz.  It was carrying a total of 316 men, women and children, and part

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Papua New Guinea’s Fire Dance Festival

Papua New Guinea's Fire Dance Festival Experience Rare is the opportunity in the 21st century to travel to a truly remote, almost untouched destination to witness a cultural event never before seen.  Jos was fortunate enough to do just this

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Lonely Planet’s 2019 Best in Travel

Check Out Lonely Planet's Top Travel Destinations Of 2019 Lonely Planet have just released their 2019 Best in Travel list and we're pretty excited about these destinations! Browse the list, and if you have a feeling like you must visit

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Our Spookiest Adventures From Around The World

It's that time of the year: Halloween. We've come up with a list of trips that will take you to some of the world's spookiest events and destinations. Read on- IF YOU DARE! Day of the Dead - Mexico Feel

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Peru Trekking Guide- More Than Just the Inca Trail

Follow in the footsteps of the Inca on an unforgettable hiking adventure along the Inca trail, or one of the lesser known but still amazing trails.  The Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Days trekking: 4 / Length: 43km /

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Best of: Japan in Spring

Japan in Spring Is An Unforgettable Experience A very worthy "Best Of". Jess (Jess McGilvray. View her travel guide specialist page here) has recently returned from leading her group in Japan. The Japan trip included: Temples Geishas Cherry Blossoms And

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Limited Edition Tours & Expeditions

We're proud to announce a range of unique new journeys for travellers looking to combine their special interests with their love of travel. From history and archaeology, to literature, photography and wildlife, our Limited Edition small group tours have been

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Capturing the Colours of Central America

Jess has recently returned from travelling in Central America with Peregrine and Intrepid. She thoroughly enjoyed capturing the colours of Central America in the streets of Oaxaca, the food in Mexico City, the beaches in Belize and the markets in

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The Everest High Passes Trek Experience This is one of the greatest treks in the world. The Everest High Passes encompasses all there is about trekking. Firstly, the mountains. The Himalaya are the biggest mountains on earth. They are enormous.

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