Our Spookiest Adventures From Around The World

It’s that time of the year: Halloween. We’ve come up with a list of trips that will take you to some of the world’s spookiest events and destinations. Read on- IF YOU DARE!

Day of the Dead – Mexico

Our Spookiest Adventures From Around The World

Feel the life of Mexico during a unique celebration of death

Let Dia de los Muertos be your gateway into Mexico. An ancient festival that remains at the heart of Mexican popular culture, the Day of the Dead reflects the country’s many sides – colourful and mystical, satirical and political, contradictory and poignant, macabre and humorous. Explore Mexico City or Oaxaca by day, then venture into the graveyards at night for the famous moonlit festivities.

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Our Spookiest Adventures From Around The World 1

Halloween in Transylvania

Our Spookiest Adventures From Around The World

Spend your spookiest Halloween ever in haunting Romania

Even without its bloodcurdling myths of Dracula, werewolves, haunted castles and gypsy curses, Romania is an atmospheric destination. And no more so on the spooky holiday of Halloween. Let us introduce you to the beauty of ancient Bucharest, the fortified town of Sibiu, the old-world charm of Biertan, the blood, err… wine of Medias, the haunting beauty and mythology of Sighisoara, a local family in Viscri and Bran Castle (aka Dracula’s castle) in Brasov. For a spine-tingling adventure this Halloween, don’t look past this adventure in Transylvania. Mwahahaha

Moldova, Ukraine & Romania

Our Spookiest Adventures From Around The World

Step off the beaten track on this fascinating adventure through Romania, Moldova and Ukraine

Welcome to Bessarabia, a land so remote that tourism is yet to get a foothold. Escape the tourist crowds on this unique trip to Eastern Romania, Moldova and the Black Sea Coast of Ukraine. From the breakaway republic of Transnistria – where Soviet values persist – to the eerie wastelands of Chernobyl, the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster, this itinerary showcases some of the least visited sights in Europe. Get ready for an adventure.

Halloween in America

Our Spookiest Adventures From Around The World

Join us on a blood-curdling adventure through America’s haunted past. If you dare…

Did you hear the one about the ice-skating ghosts in Central Park? Or the Headless Horseman plaguing Sleepy Hollow? What about the kitchen poltergeist in Boston? The United States’ history is practically dripping with the bloody and the macabre, which makes it the perfect place for some Halloween thrills! Join us as we uncover Salem’s history of witch hunting, carve pumpkins in Danvers, chase ghosts in haunted Newport, and march through New York as part of the glorious Village Halloween Parade. With more treats than tricks, this might just be the best Halloween yet.

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