Mountain Lodges of Peru

Peru is undoubtedly one of the main highlights of South America, rich in history, culture, traditional arts, biodiversity and amazing food with a wild and rugged landscape featuring the peaks of the Andes, the Amazon rain forest and deep canyons. The scattered remnants of ancient civilisations including Machu Picchu, Lost City of the Incas are waiting to be explored.

Jos has recently returned from an unforgettable journey through the Andes towards the historic city of Machu Picchu. Avoiding the tourist crowds, this route to Machu Picchu is as much about culture and luxury as it is trekking. Have your bags transferred on the trek by horses, mules or porters while you carry a day pack during the day and relax in the jacuzzi with a cocktail at your luxurious mountain lodge by night. Contact us for more information.

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