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Standing on Salisbury Plains, South Georgia surrounded by 200, 000 king Penguins; zodiac cruising amongst the towering blue icebergs of the Antarctic Peninsula; walking the wild and windswept tundra in the footsteps of Sir John Franklin in the Canadian North West Passage or spotting polar bears hunting on the sea ice in Spitsbergen!   “You might be excused for thinking you just stepped onto the set of a David Attenborough documentary!

The High Arctic and The Antarctic offer pure unadulterated wilderness and wildlife, with a good smattering of history thrown into the mix, with the likes of Shackleton, Mawson, Amundson and Franklin to name but a few.

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Northwest Passage

North West Passage Zodiac Ice North West Passage Polar Bear North West Passage Ice Ship North West Passage


Svalbard Bearded Seal Svalbard Fourteenth of July Glacier Svalbard Polar Bear IMG_0473_Anna - Low res

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Antarctica & South Georgia

Antarctica South Georgia King Penguins Antarctica walking Antarctica walking Antarctica seal

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