Santiago Stopover

AUD $550.00

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Product Description


Enjoy a guided walk around the vibrant streets of Santiago. Discover Santiago’s historic centre. Admire the colourful seafood restaurants in the Central Market.


Experience the best of Santiago on this delightful city stopover. Contrast historical city streets with the tranquil beauty of one of Chile’s most celebrated wineries and discover what makes this enigmatic city tick.

Breakfast Included: 2

Lunches Included:

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Trip Dates

Start Date End Date Price Room Type
20-JUN-2019 22-JUN-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-JUN-2019 23-JUN-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-JUN-2019 24-JUN-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-JUN-2019 25-JUN-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-JUN-2019 26-JUN-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-JUN-2019 27-JUN-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-JUN-2019 28-JUN-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-JUN-2019 29-JUN-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-JUN-2019 30-JUN-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-JUN-2019 01-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-JUN-2019 02-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-JUL-2019 03-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-JUL-2019 04-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-JUL-2019 05-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-JUL-2019 06-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-JUL-2019 07-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-JUL-2019 08-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-JUL-2019 09-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-JUL-2019 10-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-JUL-2019 11-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-JUL-2019 12-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-JUL-2019 13-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-JUL-2019 14-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-JUL-2019 15-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-JUL-2019 16-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-JUL-2019 17-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-JUL-2019 18-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-JUL-2019 19-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-JUL-2019 20-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-JUL-2019 21-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-JUL-2019 22-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-JUL-2019 23-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-JUL-2019 24-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-JUL-2019 25-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-JUL-2019 26-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-JUL-2019 27-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-JUL-2019 28-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-JUL-2019 29-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-JUL-2019 30-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-JUL-2019 31-JUL-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-JUL-2019 01-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
31-JUL-2019 02-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-AUG-2019 03-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-AUG-2019 04-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-AUG-2019 05-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-AUG-2019 06-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-AUG-2019 07-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-AUG-2019 08-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-AUG-2019 09-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-AUG-2019 10-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-AUG-2019 11-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-AUG-2019 12-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-AUG-2019 13-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-AUG-2019 14-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-AUG-2019 15-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-AUG-2019 16-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-AUG-2019 17-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-AUG-2019 18-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-AUG-2019 19-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-AUG-2019 20-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-AUG-2019 21-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-AUG-2019 22-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-AUG-2019 23-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-AUG-2019 24-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-AUG-2019 25-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-AUG-2019 26-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-AUG-2019 27-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-AUG-2019 28-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-AUG-2019 29-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-AUG-2019 30-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-AUG-2019 31-AUG-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-AUG-2019 01-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
31-AUG-2019 02-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-SEP-2019 03-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-SEP-2019 04-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-SEP-2019 05-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-SEP-2019 06-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-SEP-2019 07-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-SEP-2019 08-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-SEP-2019 09-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-SEP-2019 10-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-SEP-2019 11-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-SEP-2019 12-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-SEP-2019 13-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-SEP-2019 14-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-SEP-2019 15-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-SEP-2019 16-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-SEP-2019 17-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-SEP-2019 18-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-SEP-2019 19-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-SEP-2019 20-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-SEP-2019 21-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-SEP-2019 22-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-SEP-2019 23-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-SEP-2019 24-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-SEP-2019 25-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-SEP-2019 26-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-SEP-2019 27-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-SEP-2019 28-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-SEP-2019 29-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-SEP-2019 30-SEP-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-SEP-2019 01-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-SEP-2019 02-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-OCT-2019 03-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-OCT-2019 04-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-OCT-2019 05-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-OCT-2019 06-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-OCT-2019 07-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-OCT-2019 08-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-OCT-2019 09-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-OCT-2019 10-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-OCT-2019 11-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-OCT-2019 12-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-OCT-2019 13-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-OCT-2019 14-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-OCT-2019 15-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-OCT-2019 16-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-OCT-2019 17-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-OCT-2019 18-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-OCT-2019 19-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-OCT-2019 20-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-OCT-2019 21-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-OCT-2019 22-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-OCT-2019 23-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-OCT-2019 24-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-OCT-2019 25-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-OCT-2019 26-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-OCT-2019 27-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-OCT-2019 28-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-OCT-2019 29-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-OCT-2019 30-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-OCT-2019 31-OCT-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-OCT-2019 01-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
31-OCT-2019 02-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-NOV-2019 03-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-NOV-2019 04-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-NOV-2019 05-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-NOV-2019 06-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-NOV-2019 07-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-NOV-2019 08-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-NOV-2019 09-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-NOV-2019 10-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-NOV-2019 11-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-NOV-2019 12-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-NOV-2019 13-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-NOV-2019 14-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-NOV-2019 15-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-NOV-2019 16-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-NOV-2019 17-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-NOV-2019 18-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-NOV-2019 19-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-NOV-2019 20-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-NOV-2019 21-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-NOV-2019 22-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-NOV-2019 23-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-NOV-2019 24-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-NOV-2019 25-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-NOV-2019 26-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-NOV-2019 27-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-NOV-2019 28-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-NOV-2019 29-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-NOV-2019 30-NOV-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-NOV-2019 01-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-NOV-2019 02-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-DEC-2019 03-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-DEC-2019 04-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-DEC-2019 05-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-DEC-2019 06-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-DEC-2019 07-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-DEC-2019 08-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-DEC-2019 09-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-DEC-2019 10-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-DEC-2019 11-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-DEC-2019 12-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-DEC-2019 13-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-DEC-2019 14-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-DEC-2019 15-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-DEC-2019 16-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-DEC-2019 17-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-DEC-2019 18-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-DEC-2019 19-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-DEC-2019 20-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-DEC-2019 21-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-DEC-2019 22-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-DEC-2019 23-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-DEC-2019 24-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-DEC-2019 25-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-DEC-2019 26-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-DEC-2019 27-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-DEC-2019 28-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-DEC-2019 29-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-DEC-2019 30-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-DEC-2019 31-DEC-2019 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-DEC-2019 01-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
31-DEC-2019 02-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-JAN-2020 03-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-JAN-2020 04-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-JAN-2020 05-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-JAN-2020 06-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-JAN-2020 07-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-JAN-2020 08-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-JAN-2020 09-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-JAN-2020 10-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-JAN-2020 11-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-JAN-2020 12-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-JAN-2020 13-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-JAN-2020 14-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-JAN-2020 15-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-JAN-2020 16-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-JAN-2020 17-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-JAN-2020 18-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-JAN-2020 19-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-JAN-2020 20-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-JAN-2020 21-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-JAN-2020 22-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-JAN-2020 23-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-JAN-2020 24-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-JAN-2020 25-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-JAN-2020 26-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-JAN-2020 27-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-JAN-2020 28-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-JAN-2020 29-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-JAN-2020 30-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-JAN-2020 31-JAN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-JAN-2020 01-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
31-JAN-2020 02-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-FEB-2020 03-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-FEB-2020 04-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-FEB-2020 05-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-FEB-2020 06-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-FEB-2020 07-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-FEB-2020 08-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-FEB-2020 09-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-FEB-2020 10-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-FEB-2020 11-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-FEB-2020 12-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-FEB-2020 13-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-FEB-2020 14-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-FEB-2020 15-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-FEB-2020 16-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-FEB-2020 17-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-FEB-2020 18-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-FEB-2020 19-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-FEB-2020 20-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-FEB-2020 21-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-FEB-2020 22-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-FEB-2020 23-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-FEB-2020 24-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-FEB-2020 25-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-FEB-2020 26-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-FEB-2020 27-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-FEB-2020 28-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-FEB-2020 29-FEB-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-FEB-2020 01-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-FEB-2020 02-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-MAR-2020 03-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-MAR-2020 04-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-MAR-2020 05-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-MAR-2020 06-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-MAR-2020 07-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-MAR-2020 08-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-MAR-2020 09-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-MAR-2020 10-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-MAR-2020 11-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-MAR-2020 12-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-MAR-2020 13-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-MAR-2020 14-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-MAR-2020 15-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-MAR-2020 16-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-MAR-2020 17-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-MAR-2020 18-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-MAR-2020 19-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-MAR-2020 20-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-MAR-2020 21-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-MAR-2020 22-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-MAR-2020 23-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-MAR-2020 24-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-MAR-2020 25-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-MAR-2020 26-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-MAR-2020 27-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-MAR-2020 28-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-MAR-2020 29-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-MAR-2020 30-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-MAR-2020 31-MAR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-MAR-2020 01-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
31-MAR-2020 02-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-APR-2020 03-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-APR-2020 04-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-APR-2020 05-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-APR-2020 06-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-APR-2020 07-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-APR-2020 08-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-APR-2020 09-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-APR-2020 10-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-APR-2020 11-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-APR-2020 12-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-APR-2020 13-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-APR-2020 14-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-APR-2020 15-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-APR-2020 16-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-APR-2020 17-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-APR-2020 18-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-APR-2020 19-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-APR-2020 20-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-APR-2020 21-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-APR-2020 22-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-APR-2020 23-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-APR-2020 24-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-APR-2020 25-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-APR-2020 26-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-APR-2020 27-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-APR-2020 28-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-APR-2020 29-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-APR-2020 30-APR-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-APR-2020 01-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-APR-2020 02-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-MAY-2020 03-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-MAY-2020 04-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-MAY-2020 05-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-MAY-2020 06-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-MAY-2020 07-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-MAY-2020 08-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-MAY-2020 09-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-MAY-2020 10-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-MAY-2020 11-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-MAY-2020 12-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-MAY-2020 13-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-MAY-2020 14-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-MAY-2020 15-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-MAY-2020 16-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-MAY-2020 17-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-MAY-2020 18-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-MAY-2020 19-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-MAY-2020 20-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-MAY-2020 21-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-MAY-2020 22-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-MAY-2020 23-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-MAY-2020 24-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-MAY-2020 25-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-MAY-2020 26-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-MAY-2020 27-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-MAY-2020 28-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-MAY-2020 29-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-MAY-2020 30-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-MAY-2020 31-MAY-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-MAY-2020 01-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
31-MAY-2020 02-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-JUN-2020 03-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-JUN-2020 04-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-JUN-2020 05-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-JUN-2020 06-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-JUN-2020 07-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-JUN-2020 08-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-JUN-2020 09-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-JUN-2020 10-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-JUN-2020 11-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-JUN-2020 12-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-JUN-2020 13-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-JUN-2020 14-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-JUN-2020 15-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-JUN-2020 16-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-JUN-2020 17-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-JUN-2020 18-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-JUN-2020 19-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-JUN-2020 20-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-JUN-2020 21-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-JUN-2020 22-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-JUN-2020 23-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-JUN-2020 24-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-JUN-2020 25-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-JUN-2020 26-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-JUN-2020 27-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-JUN-2020 28-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-JUN-2020 29-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-JUN-2020 30-JUN-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-JUN-2020 01-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-JUN-2020 02-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-JUL-2020 03-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-JUL-2020 04-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-JUL-2020 05-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-JUL-2020 06-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-JUL-2020 07-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-JUL-2020 08-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-JUL-2020 09-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-JUL-2020 10-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-JUL-2020 11-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-JUL-2020 12-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-JUL-2020 13-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-JUL-2020 14-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-JUL-2020 15-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-JUL-2020 16-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-JUL-2020 17-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-JUL-2020 18-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-JUL-2020 19-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-JUL-2020 20-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-JUL-2020 21-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-JUL-2020 22-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-JUL-2020 23-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-JUL-2020 24-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-JUL-2020 25-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-JUL-2020 26-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-JUL-2020 27-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-JUL-2020 28-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-JUL-2020 29-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-JUL-2020 30-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-JUL-2020 31-JUL-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-JUL-2020 01-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
31-JUL-2020 02-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-AUG-2020 03-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-AUG-2020 04-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-AUG-2020 05-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-AUG-2020 06-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-AUG-2020 07-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-AUG-2020 08-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-AUG-2020 09-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-AUG-2020 10-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-AUG-2020 11-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-AUG-2020 12-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-AUG-2020 13-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-AUG-2020 14-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-AUG-2020 15-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-AUG-2020 16-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-AUG-2020 17-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-AUG-2020 18-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-AUG-2020 19-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-AUG-2020 20-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-AUG-2020 21-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-AUG-2020 22-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-AUG-2020 23-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-AUG-2020 24-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-AUG-2020 25-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-AUG-2020 26-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-AUG-2020 27-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-AUG-2020 28-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-AUG-2020 29-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-AUG-2020 30-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-AUG-2020 31-AUG-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-AUG-2020 01-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
31-AUG-2020 02-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-SEP-2020 03-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-SEP-2020 04-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-SEP-2020 05-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-SEP-2020 06-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-SEP-2020 07-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-SEP-2020 08-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-SEP-2020 09-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-SEP-2020 10-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-SEP-2020 11-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-SEP-2020 12-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-SEP-2020 13-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-SEP-2020 14-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-SEP-2020 15-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-SEP-2020 16-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-SEP-2020 17-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-SEP-2020 18-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-SEP-2020 19-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-SEP-2020 20-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-SEP-2020 21-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-SEP-2020 22-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-SEP-2020 23-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-SEP-2020 24-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-SEP-2020 25-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-SEP-2020 26-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-SEP-2020 27-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-SEP-2020 28-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-SEP-2020 29-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-SEP-2020 30-SEP-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-SEP-2020 01-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-SEP-2020 02-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-OCT-2020 03-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-OCT-2020 04-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-OCT-2020 05-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-OCT-2020 06-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-OCT-2020 07-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-OCT-2020 08-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-OCT-2020 09-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-OCT-2020 10-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-OCT-2020 11-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-OCT-2020 12-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-OCT-2020 13-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-OCT-2020 14-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-OCT-2020 15-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-OCT-2020 16-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-OCT-2020 17-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-OCT-2020 18-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-OCT-2020 19-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-OCT-2020 20-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-OCT-2020 21-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-OCT-2020 22-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-OCT-2020 23-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-OCT-2020 24-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-OCT-2020 25-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-OCT-2020 26-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-OCT-2020 27-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-OCT-2020 28-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-OCT-2020 29-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-OCT-2020 30-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-OCT-2020 31-OCT-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-OCT-2020 01-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
31-OCT-2020 02-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-NOV-2020 03-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-NOV-2020 04-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-NOV-2020 05-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-NOV-2020 06-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-NOV-2020 07-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-NOV-2020 08-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-NOV-2020 09-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-NOV-2020 10-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-NOV-2020 11-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-NOV-2020 12-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-NOV-2020 13-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-NOV-2020 14-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-NOV-2020 15-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-NOV-2020 16-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-NOV-2020 17-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-NOV-2020 18-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-NOV-2020 19-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-NOV-2020 20-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-NOV-2020 21-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-NOV-2020 22-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-NOV-2020 23-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-NOV-2020 24-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-NOV-2020 25-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-NOV-2020 26-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-NOV-2020 27-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-NOV-2020 28-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-NOV-2020 29-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-NOV-2020 30-NOV-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-NOV-2020 01-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-NOV-2020 02-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
01-DEC-2020 03-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
02-DEC-2020 04-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
03-DEC-2020 05-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
04-DEC-2020 06-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
05-DEC-2020 07-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
06-DEC-2020 08-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
07-DEC-2020 09-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
08-DEC-2020 10-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
09-DEC-2020 11-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
10-DEC-2020 12-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
11-DEC-2020 13-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
12-DEC-2020 14-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
13-DEC-2020 15-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
14-DEC-2020 16-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
15-DEC-2020 17-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
16-DEC-2020 18-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
17-DEC-2020 19-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
18-DEC-2020 20-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
19-DEC-2020 21-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
20-DEC-2020 22-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
21-DEC-2020 23-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
22-DEC-2020 24-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
23-DEC-2020 25-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
24-DEC-2020 26-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
25-DEC-2020 27-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
26-DEC-2020 28-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
27-DEC-2020 29-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
28-DEC-2020 30-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
29-DEC-2020 31-DEC-2020 AUD $550.00 N/A
30-DEC-2020 01-JAN-2021 AUD $550.00 N/A
31-DEC-2020 02-JAN-2021 AUD $550.00 N/A


Bienvenidos! Welcome to Chile. You can arrive to your hotel at any time where an envelope with the necessary vouchers and contact details will be awaiting for you. Although Santiago covers a large area, the city centre is quite compact and easy to get around. The city's centre is roughly triangular in shape with the Plaza de Armas, the main plaza and home to the Cathedral, sitting in the centre. Panning out from here are wall-to-wall shops, restaurants and parks. For a more serene look at Chilean life, head out to Barrio Bella Vista, Santiago's 'Paris Quarter'. Set within a circle of snow-capped mountains, Santiago is vibrant, artistic and gourmet - and the gateway to adventures in the snow, sea or desert.


First is the La Moneda, in the Plaza de la Constitucion area. From there, we’ll head to the neighbourhood of La Alameda, a place that’s popular with locals thanks to its gorgeous architecture and blending of the old and new city. Discover sites like the Plaza de Armas and get a feel for what makes this city so great.  Next, you’ll travel like a local with a ride on the metro and a stop at Mercado Central, starring some of the freshest produce in the country. Wander the aisles and watch how locals shop and bargain for the best deal. Best of all, we’re going to eat some typical Chilean dishes! Then your Santiago tour will lead you to La Vega Central, a local market just on the other side of the Mapocho River. You can find everything you could imagine here, from souvenirs to healing potions. Afterwards, take the cable car to the top of Cerro San Cristobal. At the top, you’ll have the best view of the city. We’ll finish up with lunch in the bohemian Bellavista neighbourhood. This hipster district is home to up-and-coming restaurants, making it the perfect place to stop for a delicious Chilean meal to end the tour.


There are no activities planned for the final day and you are able to depart the accommodation at any time. 

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Trip Code: GGHU

Group Size: 12

Start: Santiago

End: Santiago

Duration: 3

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