Buenos Aires Experience – Independent

AUD $1,770.00

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Witness the grand colonial edifices surround the Plaza de Mayo while glamour and grit walk side by side down the pedestrian streets of Florida and Lavalle.. Explore the colourful areas of Recoleta, San Telmo and La Boca all tell their own stories in this city where reality and romance are never too far away from each other.. Attend an authentic Milonga for a memorable tango experience. Visit the Recoleta Cemetery and learn about the star-studded array of people buried there – not to mention its famous living feline residents


Argentina’s capital is certainly one of the world’s most eclectic places, with various neighbourhoods reflecting the city’s diverse cultural heritage. Sign up for a short city break that will immerse you in the life of Buenos Aires – from its streets and markets, its grandiose colonial architecture and its signature strains of tango. Discover, dine and dance – this journey will certainly whet your Argentine appetite.

Independent Experiences

Independent travel, without the stress. Peregrine’s Independent Experiences are a range of short ‘mini tours’ that you can add to other Experiences or as an extension to a longer tour, to craft your perfect holiday itinerary. Independent Experiences are for 1-4 travellers, come accompanied by a local Peregrine guide and depart daily.


Breakfast Included: 2

Lunches Included: 1

Dinner Included: 1



Trip Dates

Start Date End Date Price Room Type
20-JUN-2019 22-JUN-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-JUN-2019 23-JUN-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-JUN-2019 24-JUN-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-JUN-2019 25-JUN-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-JUN-2019 26-JUN-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-JUN-2019 27-JUN-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-JUN-2019 28-JUN-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-JUN-2019 29-JUN-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-JUN-2019 30-JUN-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-JUN-2019 01-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-JUN-2019 02-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-JUL-2019 03-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-JUL-2019 04-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-JUL-2019 05-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-JUL-2019 06-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-JUL-2019 07-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-JUL-2019 08-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-JUL-2019 09-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-JUL-2019 10-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-JUL-2019 11-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-JUL-2019 12-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-JUL-2019 13-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-JUL-2019 14-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-JUL-2019 15-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-JUL-2019 16-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-JUL-2019 17-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-JUL-2019 18-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-JUL-2019 19-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-JUL-2019 20-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-JUL-2019 21-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-JUL-2019 22-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-JUL-2019 23-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-JUL-2019 24-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-JUL-2019 25-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-JUL-2019 26-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-JUL-2019 27-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-JUL-2019 28-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-JUL-2019 29-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-JUL-2019 30-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-JUL-2019 31-JUL-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-JUL-2019 01-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
31-JUL-2019 02-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-AUG-2019 03-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-AUG-2019 04-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-AUG-2019 05-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-AUG-2019 06-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-AUG-2019 07-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-AUG-2019 08-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-AUG-2019 09-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-AUG-2019 10-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-AUG-2019 11-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-AUG-2019 12-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-AUG-2019 13-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-AUG-2019 14-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-AUG-2019 15-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-AUG-2019 16-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-AUG-2019 17-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-AUG-2019 18-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-AUG-2019 19-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-AUG-2019 20-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-AUG-2019 21-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-AUG-2019 22-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-AUG-2019 23-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-AUG-2019 24-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-AUG-2019 25-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-AUG-2019 26-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-AUG-2019 27-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-AUG-2019 28-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-AUG-2019 29-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-AUG-2019 30-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-AUG-2019 31-AUG-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-AUG-2019 01-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
31-AUG-2019 02-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-SEP-2019 03-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-SEP-2019 04-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-SEP-2019 05-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-SEP-2019 06-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-SEP-2019 07-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-SEP-2019 08-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-SEP-2019 09-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-SEP-2019 10-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-SEP-2019 11-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-SEP-2019 12-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-SEP-2019 13-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-SEP-2019 14-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-SEP-2019 15-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-SEP-2019 16-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-SEP-2019 17-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-SEP-2019 18-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-SEP-2019 19-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-SEP-2019 20-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-SEP-2019 21-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-SEP-2019 22-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-SEP-2019 23-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-SEP-2019 24-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-SEP-2019 25-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-SEP-2019 26-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-SEP-2019 27-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-SEP-2019 28-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-SEP-2019 29-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-SEP-2019 30-SEP-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-SEP-2019 01-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-SEP-2019 02-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-OCT-2019 03-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-OCT-2019 04-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-OCT-2019 05-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-OCT-2019 06-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-OCT-2019 07-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-OCT-2019 08-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-OCT-2019 09-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-OCT-2019 10-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-OCT-2019 11-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-OCT-2019 12-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-OCT-2019 13-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-OCT-2019 14-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-OCT-2019 15-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-OCT-2019 16-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-OCT-2019 17-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-OCT-2019 18-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-OCT-2019 19-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-OCT-2019 20-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-OCT-2019 21-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-OCT-2019 22-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-OCT-2019 23-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-OCT-2019 24-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-OCT-2019 25-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-OCT-2019 26-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-OCT-2019 27-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-OCT-2019 28-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-OCT-2019 29-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-OCT-2019 30-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-OCT-2019 31-OCT-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-OCT-2019 01-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
31-OCT-2019 02-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-NOV-2019 03-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-NOV-2019 04-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-NOV-2019 05-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-NOV-2019 06-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-NOV-2019 07-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-NOV-2019 08-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-NOV-2019 09-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-NOV-2019 10-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-NOV-2019 11-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-NOV-2019 12-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-NOV-2019 13-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-NOV-2019 14-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-NOV-2019 15-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-NOV-2019 16-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-NOV-2019 17-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-NOV-2019 18-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-NOV-2019 19-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-NOV-2019 20-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-NOV-2019 21-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-NOV-2019 22-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-NOV-2019 23-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-NOV-2019 24-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-NOV-2019 25-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-NOV-2019 26-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-NOV-2019 27-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-NOV-2019 28-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-NOV-2019 29-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-NOV-2019 30-NOV-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-NOV-2019 01-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-NOV-2019 02-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-DEC-2019 03-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-DEC-2019 04-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-DEC-2019 05-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-DEC-2019 06-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-DEC-2019 07-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-DEC-2019 08-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-DEC-2019 09-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-DEC-2019 10-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-DEC-2019 11-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-DEC-2019 12-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-DEC-2019 13-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-DEC-2019 14-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-DEC-2019 15-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-DEC-2019 16-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-DEC-2019 17-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-DEC-2019 18-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-DEC-2019 19-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-DEC-2019 20-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-DEC-2019 21-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-DEC-2019 22-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-DEC-2019 23-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-DEC-2019 24-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-DEC-2019 25-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-DEC-2019 26-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-DEC-2019 27-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-DEC-2019 28-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-DEC-2019 29-DEC-2019 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-JAN-2020 03-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-JAN-2020 04-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-JAN-2020 05-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-JAN-2020 06-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-JAN-2020 07-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-JAN-2020 08-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-JAN-2020 09-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-JAN-2020 10-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-JAN-2020 11-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-JAN-2020 12-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-JAN-2020 13-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-JAN-2020 14-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-JAN-2020 15-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-JAN-2020 16-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-JAN-2020 17-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-JAN-2020 18-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-JAN-2020 19-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-JAN-2020 20-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-JAN-2020 21-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-JAN-2020 22-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-JAN-2020 23-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-JAN-2020 24-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-JAN-2020 25-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-JAN-2020 26-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-JAN-2020 27-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-JAN-2020 28-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-JAN-2020 29-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-JAN-2020 30-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-JAN-2020 31-JAN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-JAN-2020 01-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
31-JAN-2020 02-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-FEB-2020 03-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-FEB-2020 04-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-FEB-2020 05-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-FEB-2020 06-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-FEB-2020 07-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-FEB-2020 08-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-FEB-2020 09-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-FEB-2020 10-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-FEB-2020 11-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-FEB-2020 12-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-FEB-2020 13-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-FEB-2020 14-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-FEB-2020 15-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-FEB-2020 16-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-FEB-2020 17-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-FEB-2020 18-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-FEB-2020 19-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-FEB-2020 20-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-FEB-2020 21-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-FEB-2020 22-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-FEB-2020 23-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-FEB-2020 24-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-FEB-2020 25-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-FEB-2020 26-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-FEB-2020 27-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-FEB-2020 28-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-FEB-2020 29-FEB-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-FEB-2020 01-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-FEB-2020 02-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-MAR-2020 03-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-MAR-2020 04-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-MAR-2020 05-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-MAR-2020 06-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-MAR-2020 07-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-MAR-2020 08-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-MAR-2020 09-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-MAR-2020 10-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-MAR-2020 11-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-MAR-2020 12-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-MAR-2020 13-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-MAR-2020 14-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-MAR-2020 15-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-MAR-2020 16-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-MAR-2020 17-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-MAR-2020 18-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-MAR-2020 19-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-MAR-2020 20-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-MAR-2020 21-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-MAR-2020 22-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-MAR-2020 23-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-MAR-2020 24-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-MAR-2020 25-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-MAR-2020 26-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-MAR-2020 27-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-MAR-2020 28-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-MAR-2020 29-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-MAR-2020 30-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-MAR-2020 31-MAR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-MAR-2020 01-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
31-MAR-2020 02-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-APR-2020 03-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-APR-2020 04-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-APR-2020 05-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-APR-2020 06-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-APR-2020 07-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-APR-2020 08-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-APR-2020 09-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-APR-2020 10-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-APR-2020 11-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-APR-2020 12-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-APR-2020 13-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-APR-2020 14-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-APR-2020 15-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-APR-2020 16-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-APR-2020 17-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-APR-2020 18-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-APR-2020 19-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-APR-2020 20-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-APR-2020 21-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-APR-2020 22-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-APR-2020 23-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-APR-2020 24-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-APR-2020 25-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-APR-2020 26-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-APR-2020 27-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-APR-2020 28-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-APR-2020 29-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-APR-2020 30-APR-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-APR-2020 01-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-APR-2020 02-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-MAY-2020 03-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-MAY-2020 04-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-MAY-2020 05-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-MAY-2020 06-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-MAY-2020 07-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-MAY-2020 08-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-MAY-2020 09-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-MAY-2020 10-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-MAY-2020 11-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-MAY-2020 12-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-MAY-2020 13-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-MAY-2020 14-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-MAY-2020 15-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-MAY-2020 16-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-MAY-2020 17-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-MAY-2020 18-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-MAY-2020 19-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-MAY-2020 20-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-MAY-2020 21-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-MAY-2020 22-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-MAY-2020 23-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-MAY-2020 24-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-MAY-2020 25-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-MAY-2020 26-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-MAY-2020 27-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-MAY-2020 28-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-MAY-2020 29-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-MAY-2020 30-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-MAY-2020 31-MAY-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-MAY-2020 01-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
31-MAY-2020 02-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-JUN-2020 03-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-JUN-2020 04-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-JUN-2020 05-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-JUN-2020 06-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-JUN-2020 07-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-JUN-2020 08-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-JUN-2020 09-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-JUN-2020 10-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-JUN-2020 11-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-JUN-2020 12-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-JUN-2020 13-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-JUN-2020 14-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-JUN-2020 15-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-JUN-2020 16-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-JUN-2020 17-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-JUN-2020 18-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-JUN-2020 19-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-JUN-2020 20-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-JUN-2020 21-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-JUN-2020 22-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-JUN-2020 23-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-JUN-2020 24-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-JUN-2020 25-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-JUN-2020 26-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-JUN-2020 27-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-JUN-2020 28-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-JUN-2020 29-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-JUN-2020 30-JUN-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-JUN-2020 01-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-JUN-2020 02-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-JUL-2020 03-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-JUL-2020 04-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-JUL-2020 05-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-JUL-2020 06-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-JUL-2020 07-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-JUL-2020 08-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-JUL-2020 09-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-JUL-2020 10-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-JUL-2020 11-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-JUL-2020 12-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-JUL-2020 13-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-JUL-2020 14-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-JUL-2020 15-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-JUL-2020 16-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-JUL-2020 17-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-JUL-2020 18-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-JUL-2020 19-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-JUL-2020 20-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-JUL-2020 21-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-JUL-2020 22-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-JUL-2020 23-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-JUL-2020 24-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-JUL-2020 25-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-JUL-2020 26-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-JUL-2020 27-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-JUL-2020 28-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-JUL-2020 29-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-JUL-2020 30-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-JUL-2020 31-JUL-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-JUL-2020 01-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
31-JUL-2020 02-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-AUG-2020 03-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-AUG-2020 04-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-AUG-2020 05-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-AUG-2020 06-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-AUG-2020 07-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-AUG-2020 08-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-AUG-2020 09-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-AUG-2020 10-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-AUG-2020 11-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-AUG-2020 12-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-AUG-2020 13-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-AUG-2020 14-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-AUG-2020 15-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-AUG-2020 16-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-AUG-2020 17-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-AUG-2020 18-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-AUG-2020 19-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-AUG-2020 20-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-AUG-2020 21-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-AUG-2020 22-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-AUG-2020 23-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-AUG-2020 24-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-AUG-2020 25-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-AUG-2020 26-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-AUG-2020 27-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-AUG-2020 28-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-AUG-2020 29-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-AUG-2020 30-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-AUG-2020 31-AUG-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-AUG-2020 01-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
31-AUG-2020 02-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-SEP-2020 03-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-SEP-2020 04-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-SEP-2020 05-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-SEP-2020 06-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-SEP-2020 07-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-SEP-2020 08-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-SEP-2020 09-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-SEP-2020 10-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-SEP-2020 11-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-SEP-2020 12-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-SEP-2020 13-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-SEP-2020 14-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-SEP-2020 15-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-SEP-2020 16-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-SEP-2020 17-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-SEP-2020 18-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-SEP-2020 19-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-SEP-2020 20-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-SEP-2020 21-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-SEP-2020 22-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-SEP-2020 23-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-SEP-2020 24-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-SEP-2020 25-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-SEP-2020 26-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-SEP-2020 27-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-SEP-2020 28-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-SEP-2020 29-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-SEP-2020 30-SEP-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-SEP-2020 01-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-SEP-2020 02-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-OCT-2020 03-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-OCT-2020 04-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-OCT-2020 05-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-OCT-2020 06-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-OCT-2020 07-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-OCT-2020 08-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-OCT-2020 09-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-OCT-2020 10-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-OCT-2020 11-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-OCT-2020 12-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-OCT-2020 13-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-OCT-2020 14-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-OCT-2020 15-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-OCT-2020 16-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-OCT-2020 17-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-OCT-2020 18-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-OCT-2020 19-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-OCT-2020 20-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-OCT-2020 21-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-OCT-2020 22-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-OCT-2020 23-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-OCT-2020 24-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-OCT-2020 25-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-OCT-2020 26-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-OCT-2020 27-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-OCT-2020 28-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-OCT-2020 29-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-OCT-2020 30-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-OCT-2020 31-OCT-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-OCT-2020 01-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
31-OCT-2020 02-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-NOV-2020 03-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-NOV-2020 04-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-NOV-2020 05-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-NOV-2020 06-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-NOV-2020 07-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-NOV-2020 08-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-NOV-2020 09-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-NOV-2020 10-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-NOV-2020 11-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-NOV-2020 12-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-NOV-2020 13-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-NOV-2020 14-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-NOV-2020 15-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-NOV-2020 16-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-NOV-2020 17-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-NOV-2020 18-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-NOV-2020 19-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-NOV-2020 20-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-NOV-2020 21-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-NOV-2020 22-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-NOV-2020 23-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-NOV-2020 24-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-NOV-2020 25-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-NOV-2020 26-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-NOV-2020 27-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-NOV-2020 28-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-NOV-2020 29-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
28-NOV-2020 30-NOV-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
29-NOV-2020 01-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
30-NOV-2020 02-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
01-DEC-2020 03-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
02-DEC-2020 04-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
03-DEC-2020 05-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
04-DEC-2020 06-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
05-DEC-2020 07-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
06-DEC-2020 08-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
07-DEC-2020 09-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
08-DEC-2020 10-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
09-DEC-2020 11-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
10-DEC-2020 12-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
11-DEC-2020 13-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
12-DEC-2020 14-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
13-DEC-2020 15-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
14-DEC-2020 16-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
15-DEC-2020 17-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
16-DEC-2020 18-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
17-DEC-2020 19-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
18-DEC-2020 20-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
19-DEC-2020 21-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
20-DEC-2020 22-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
21-DEC-2020 23-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
22-DEC-2020 24-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
23-DEC-2020 25-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
24-DEC-2020 26-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
25-DEC-2020 27-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
26-DEC-2020 28-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A
27-DEC-2020 29-DEC-2020 AUD $1,770.00 N/A

Buenos Aires

On arrival at Buenos Aires' Ezeiza Airport (international) or Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport (domestic) you will be met and transferred to your hotel in the city. Please look for your transfer guide at the airport - they will be holding a sign with your name on it. Once you have checked into the hotel, the remainder of your first day will be free until a welcome meeting at approximately 6pm. Buenos Aires is home to 11 million 'portenos', a name given to the inhabitants of Buenos Aires that literally means 'residents of the port'. It has been shaped by a history riddled with conflict and struggles. Even the achievement of independence in 1816 did not resolve ongoing disputes between local residents and conservative provincial landowners. However, following a succession of military juntas, Argentina now has a stable, democratic government. This is a free evening and you may like to consider dining out in one of Buenos Aires' famous steak restaurants. Your hotel concierge can help you to book this.

Buenos Aires

Today you will enjoy a full day tour of the city. Witness the Romanesque architecture surrounding Plaza de Mayo, the historic town square flanked by the presidential palace known as the Casa Rosada, and wander through the cobblestone streets around San Telmo Market. Enjoy lunch in a local artist’s house in bohemian La Boca – the colourful neighbourhood at the mouth of the Riachuelo River. Discover the history of the district of Recoleta, famous for its cemetery often referred to as a miniature city-within-a-city because to its size. This place is also famous as the resting place for Argentina's favourite first lady, Eva Peron. Tonight you will enjoy dinner and witness an authentic tango experience, watching the the locals dance to milonga music.

Buenos Aires

Your Independent Experience will come to an end today after breakfast. You will be transferred to the airport for your onward flight. Please ensure we are advised of your flight details booking your Buenos Aires Experience.

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Trip Code: PSBRX

Group Size: 4

Start: Buenos Aires

End: Buenos Aires

Duration: 3

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