Amazon Wilderness Experience- Independent 4 days (Sacha Lodge)

AUD $3,115.00

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Product Description


This trip takes you to the heart of Ecuador’s Amazon Basin. Set in the remote rainforest, Sacha Lodge is a haven for nature lovers, birdwatchers, scientists and adventure seekers. Caiman, otters, sloths, hoatzin, monkeys, capybaras, anacondas… the Amazon is home to some of the most diverse wildlife on Earth. As well as comfortable accommodation and luxurious meals, your expert guides will enhance your experience with their unique knowledge of the Amazon. Explore the rainforest on various jungle treks, canopy walks and dugout canoe safaris, or relax in a hammock at the lodge. It’s up to you to customise how active you’d like this trip to be


This exceptional jungle experience takes you into the very heart of Ecuador’s Amazon Basin. The remote, pristine setting of Sacha Lodge is a haven for nature lovers, birdwatchers, scientists and adventure seekers. The lodge provides quality accommodation, first class meals and expert guides in order for you to fully enjoy the wonders of the tropical rainforest. There is a wide range of activities to pick from including jungle walks, dugout canoe safaris and canopy walks, while a real highlight is the camouflaged, 43-metre high observation tower. This is the Amazon at its very best!


Breakfast Included: 3

Lunches Included: 3

Dinner Included: 3



Trip Dates

Start Date End Date Price Room Type
20-JUN-2019 23-JUN-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-JUN-2019 24-JUN-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
22-JUN-2019 25-JUN-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
24-JUN-2019 27-JUN-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
25-JUN-2019 28-JUN-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
27-JUN-2019 30-JUN-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
28-JUN-2019 01-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
29-JUN-2019 02-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
01-JUL-2019 04-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
02-JUL-2019 05-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
04-JUL-2019 07-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
05-JUL-2019 08-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
06-JUL-2019 09-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
08-JUL-2019 11-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
09-JUL-2019 12-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
11-JUL-2019 14-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
12-JUL-2019 15-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
13-JUL-2019 16-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
15-JUL-2019 18-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
16-JUL-2019 19-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
18-JUL-2019 21-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
19-JUL-2019 22-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
20-JUL-2019 23-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
22-JUL-2019 25-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
23-JUL-2019 26-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
25-JUL-2019 28-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
26-JUL-2019 29-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
27-JUL-2019 30-JUL-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
29-JUL-2019 01-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
30-JUL-2019 02-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
01-AUG-2019 04-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
02-AUG-2019 05-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
03-AUG-2019 06-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
05-AUG-2019 08-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
06-AUG-2019 09-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
08-AUG-2019 11-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
09-AUG-2019 12-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
10-AUG-2019 13-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
12-AUG-2019 15-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
13-AUG-2019 16-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
15-AUG-2019 18-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
16-AUG-2019 19-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
17-AUG-2019 20-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
19-AUG-2019 22-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
20-AUG-2019 23-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
22-AUG-2019 25-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
23-AUG-2019 26-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
24-AUG-2019 27-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
26-AUG-2019 29-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
27-AUG-2019 30-AUG-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
29-AUG-2019 01-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
30-AUG-2019 02-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
31-AUG-2019 03-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
02-SEP-2019 05-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
03-SEP-2019 06-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
05-SEP-2019 08-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
06-SEP-2019 09-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
07-SEP-2019 10-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
09-SEP-2019 12-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
10-SEP-2019 13-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
12-SEP-2019 15-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
13-SEP-2019 16-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
14-SEP-2019 17-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
16-SEP-2019 19-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
17-SEP-2019 20-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
19-SEP-2019 22-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
20-SEP-2019 23-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-SEP-2019 24-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
23-SEP-2019 26-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
24-SEP-2019 27-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
26-SEP-2019 29-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
27-SEP-2019 30-SEP-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
28-SEP-2019 01-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
30-SEP-2019 03-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
01-OCT-2019 04-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
03-OCT-2019 06-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
04-OCT-2019 07-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
05-OCT-2019 08-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
07-OCT-2019 10-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
08-OCT-2019 11-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
10-OCT-2019 13-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
11-OCT-2019 14-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
12-OCT-2019 15-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
14-OCT-2019 17-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
15-OCT-2019 18-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
17-OCT-2019 20-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
18-OCT-2019 21-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
19-OCT-2019 22-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-OCT-2019 24-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
22-OCT-2019 25-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
24-OCT-2019 27-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
25-OCT-2019 28-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
26-OCT-2019 29-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
28-OCT-2019 31-OCT-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
29-OCT-2019 01-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
31-OCT-2019 03-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
01-NOV-2019 04-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
02-NOV-2019 05-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
04-NOV-2019 07-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
05-NOV-2019 08-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
07-NOV-2019 10-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
08-NOV-2019 11-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
09-NOV-2019 12-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
11-NOV-2019 14-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
12-NOV-2019 15-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
14-NOV-2019 17-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
15-NOV-2019 18-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
16-NOV-2019 19-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
18-NOV-2019 21-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
19-NOV-2019 22-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-NOV-2019 24-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
22-NOV-2019 25-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
23-NOV-2019 26-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
25-NOV-2019 28-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
26-NOV-2019 29-NOV-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
28-NOV-2019 01-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
29-NOV-2019 02-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
30-NOV-2019 03-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
02-DEC-2019 05-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
03-DEC-2019 06-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
05-DEC-2019 08-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
06-DEC-2019 09-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
07-DEC-2019 10-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
09-DEC-2019 12-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
10-DEC-2019 13-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
12-DEC-2019 15-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
13-DEC-2019 16-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
14-DEC-2019 17-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
16-DEC-2019 19-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
17-DEC-2019 20-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
19-DEC-2019 22-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
20-DEC-2019 23-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-DEC-2019 24-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
23-DEC-2019 26-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
24-DEC-2019 27-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
26-DEC-2019 29-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
27-DEC-2019 30-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
28-DEC-2019 31-DEC-2019 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
30-DEC-2019 02-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
31-DEC-2019 03-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
01-JAN-2020 04-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
02-JAN-2020 05-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
03-JAN-2020 06-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
04-JAN-2020 07-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
06-JAN-2020 09-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
07-JAN-2020 10-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
08-JAN-2020 11-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
09-JAN-2020 12-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
10-JAN-2020 13-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
11-JAN-2020 14-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
13-JAN-2020 16-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
14-JAN-2020 17-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
15-JAN-2020 18-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
16-JAN-2020 19-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
17-JAN-2020 20-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
18-JAN-2020 21-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
20-JAN-2020 23-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-JAN-2020 24-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
22-JAN-2020 25-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
23-JAN-2020 26-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
24-JAN-2020 27-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
25-JAN-2020 28-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
27-JAN-2020 30-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
28-JAN-2020 31-JAN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
29-JAN-2020 01-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
30-JAN-2020 02-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
31-JAN-2020 03-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
01-FEB-2020 04-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
03-FEB-2020 06-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
04-FEB-2020 07-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
05-FEB-2020 08-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
06-FEB-2020 09-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
07-FEB-2020 10-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
08-FEB-2020 11-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
10-FEB-2020 13-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
11-FEB-2020 14-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
12-FEB-2020 15-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
13-FEB-2020 16-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
14-FEB-2020 17-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
15-FEB-2020 18-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
17-FEB-2020 20-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
18-FEB-2020 21-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
19-FEB-2020 22-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
20-FEB-2020 23-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-FEB-2020 24-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
22-FEB-2020 25-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
24-FEB-2020 27-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
25-FEB-2020 28-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
26-FEB-2020 29-FEB-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
27-FEB-2020 01-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
28-FEB-2020 02-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
29-FEB-2020 03-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
02-MAR-2020 05-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
03-MAR-2020 06-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
04-MAR-2020 07-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
05-MAR-2020 08-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
06-MAR-2020 09-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
07-MAR-2020 10-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
09-MAR-2020 12-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
10-MAR-2020 13-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
11-MAR-2020 14-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
12-MAR-2020 15-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
13-MAR-2020 16-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
14-MAR-2020 17-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
16-MAR-2020 19-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
17-MAR-2020 20-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
18-MAR-2020 21-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
19-MAR-2020 22-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
20-MAR-2020 23-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-MAR-2020 24-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
23-MAR-2020 26-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
24-MAR-2020 27-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
25-MAR-2020 28-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
26-MAR-2020 29-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
27-MAR-2020 30-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
28-MAR-2020 31-MAR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
30-MAR-2020 02-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
31-MAR-2020 03-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
01-APR-2020 04-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
02-APR-2020 05-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
03-APR-2020 06-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
04-APR-2020 07-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
06-APR-2020 09-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
07-APR-2020 10-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
08-APR-2020 11-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
09-APR-2020 12-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
10-APR-2020 13-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
11-APR-2020 14-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
13-APR-2020 16-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
14-APR-2020 17-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
15-APR-2020 18-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
16-APR-2020 19-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
17-APR-2020 20-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
18-APR-2020 21-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
20-APR-2020 23-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-APR-2020 24-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
22-APR-2020 25-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
23-APR-2020 26-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
24-APR-2020 27-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
25-APR-2020 28-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
27-APR-2020 30-APR-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
28-APR-2020 01-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
29-APR-2020 02-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
30-APR-2020 03-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
01-MAY-2020 04-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
02-MAY-2020 05-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
04-MAY-2020 07-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
05-MAY-2020 08-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
06-MAY-2020 09-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
07-MAY-2020 10-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
08-MAY-2020 11-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
09-MAY-2020 12-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
11-MAY-2020 14-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
12-MAY-2020 15-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
13-MAY-2020 16-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
14-MAY-2020 17-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
15-MAY-2020 18-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
16-MAY-2020 19-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
18-MAY-2020 21-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
19-MAY-2020 22-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
20-MAY-2020 23-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-MAY-2020 24-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
22-MAY-2020 25-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
23-MAY-2020 26-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
25-MAY-2020 28-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
26-MAY-2020 29-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
27-MAY-2020 30-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
28-MAY-2020 31-MAY-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
29-MAY-2020 01-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
30-MAY-2020 02-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
01-JUN-2020 04-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
02-JUN-2020 05-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
03-JUN-2020 06-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
04-JUN-2020 07-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
05-JUN-2020 08-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
06-JUN-2020 09-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
08-JUN-2020 11-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
09-JUN-2020 12-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
10-JUN-2020 13-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
11-JUN-2020 14-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
12-JUN-2020 15-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
13-JUN-2020 16-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
15-JUN-2020 18-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
16-JUN-2020 19-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
17-JUN-2020 20-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
18-JUN-2020 21-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
19-JUN-2020 22-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
20-JUN-2020 23-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
22-JUN-2020 25-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
23-JUN-2020 26-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
24-JUN-2020 27-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
25-JUN-2020 28-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
26-JUN-2020 29-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
27-JUN-2020 30-JUN-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
29-JUN-2020 02-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
30-JUN-2020 03-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
01-JUL-2020 04-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
02-JUL-2020 05-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
03-JUL-2020 06-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
04-JUL-2020 07-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
06-JUL-2020 09-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
07-JUL-2020 10-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
08-JUL-2020 11-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
09-JUL-2020 12-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
10-JUL-2020 13-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
11-JUL-2020 14-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
13-JUL-2020 16-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
14-JUL-2020 17-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
15-JUL-2020 18-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
16-JUL-2020 19-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
17-JUL-2020 20-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
18-JUL-2020 21-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
20-JUL-2020 23-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-JUL-2020 24-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
22-JUL-2020 25-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
23-JUL-2020 26-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
24-JUL-2020 27-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
25-JUL-2020 28-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
27-JUL-2020 30-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
28-JUL-2020 31-JUL-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
29-JUL-2020 01-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
30-JUL-2020 02-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
31-JUL-2020 03-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
01-AUG-2020 04-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
03-AUG-2020 06-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
04-AUG-2020 07-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
05-AUG-2020 08-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
06-AUG-2020 09-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
07-AUG-2020 10-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
08-AUG-2020 11-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
10-AUG-2020 13-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
11-AUG-2020 14-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
12-AUG-2020 15-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
13-AUG-2020 16-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
14-AUG-2020 17-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
15-AUG-2020 18-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
17-AUG-2020 20-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
18-AUG-2020 21-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
19-AUG-2020 22-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
20-AUG-2020 23-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-AUG-2020 24-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
22-AUG-2020 25-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
24-AUG-2020 27-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
25-AUG-2020 28-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
26-AUG-2020 29-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
27-AUG-2020 30-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
28-AUG-2020 31-AUG-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
29-AUG-2020 01-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
31-AUG-2020 03-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
01-SEP-2020 04-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
02-SEP-2020 05-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
03-SEP-2020 06-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
04-SEP-2020 07-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
05-SEP-2020 08-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
07-SEP-2020 10-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
08-SEP-2020 11-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
09-SEP-2020 12-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
10-SEP-2020 13-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
11-SEP-2020 14-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
12-SEP-2020 15-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
14-SEP-2020 17-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
15-SEP-2020 18-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
16-SEP-2020 19-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
17-SEP-2020 20-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
18-SEP-2020 21-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
19-SEP-2020 22-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-SEP-2020 24-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
22-SEP-2020 25-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
23-SEP-2020 26-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
24-SEP-2020 27-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
25-SEP-2020 28-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
26-SEP-2020 29-SEP-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
28-SEP-2020 01-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
29-SEP-2020 02-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
30-SEP-2020 03-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
01-OCT-2020 04-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
02-OCT-2020 05-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
03-OCT-2020 06-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
05-OCT-2020 08-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
06-OCT-2020 09-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
07-OCT-2020 10-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
08-OCT-2020 11-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
09-OCT-2020 12-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
10-OCT-2020 13-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
12-OCT-2020 15-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
13-OCT-2020 16-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
14-OCT-2020 17-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
15-OCT-2020 18-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
16-OCT-2020 19-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
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19-OCT-2020 22-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
20-OCT-2020 23-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-OCT-2020 24-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
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24-OCT-2020 27-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
26-OCT-2020 29-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
27-OCT-2020 30-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
28-OCT-2020 31-OCT-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
29-OCT-2020 01-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
30-OCT-2020 02-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
31-OCT-2020 03-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
02-NOV-2020 05-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
03-NOV-2020 06-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
04-NOV-2020 07-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
05-NOV-2020 08-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
06-NOV-2020 09-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
07-NOV-2020 10-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
09-NOV-2020 12-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
10-NOV-2020 13-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
11-NOV-2020 14-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
12-NOV-2020 15-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
13-NOV-2020 16-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
14-NOV-2020 17-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
16-NOV-2020 19-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
17-NOV-2020 20-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
18-NOV-2020 21-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
19-NOV-2020 22-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
20-NOV-2020 23-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-NOV-2020 24-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
23-NOV-2020 26-NOV-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
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28-NOV-2020 01-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
30-NOV-2020 03-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
01-DEC-2020 04-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
02-DEC-2020 05-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
03-DEC-2020 06-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
04-DEC-2020 07-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
05-DEC-2020 08-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
07-DEC-2020 10-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
08-DEC-2020 11-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
09-DEC-2020 12-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
10-DEC-2020 13-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
11-DEC-2020 14-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
12-DEC-2020 15-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
14-DEC-2020 17-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
15-DEC-2020 18-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
16-DEC-2020 19-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
17-DEC-2020 20-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
18-DEC-2020 21-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
19-DEC-2020 22-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
21-DEC-2020 24-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
22-DEC-2020 25-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
23-DEC-2020 26-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
24-DEC-2020 27-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
25-DEC-2020 28-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
26-DEC-2020 29-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
28-DEC-2020 31-DEC-2020 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
29-DEC-2020 01-JAN-2021 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
30-DEC-2020 02-JAN-2021 AUD $3,115.00 N/A
31-DEC-2020 03-JAN-2021 AUD $3,115.00 N/A

Quito/Amazon Jungle Lodge

Welcome to Quito, Ecuador. The joining point for this trip is the Quito hotel of your choice. Please ensure you give your booking agent the details of your hotel at least 15 days prior to this trip's starting date. Alternatively, we can also assist you to book additional accommodation in Quito if needed. The evening before this trip starts, you'll be met at your hotel by your Peregrine representative by 6 pm. Your Peregrine representative will provide you with vouchers and extra information that you'll need for the next four days. If you arrive after 6 pm, this information will be left in an envelope at the hotel's front desk. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact the emergency number provided in the Essential Trip Information. At 7 am on Day 1, you'll be met by your transfer driver in the lobby of your hotel, who will then drive you to the airport. The flight over the Andes to the river port town of Puerto Francisco de Orellana (Coca) will take approximately 45 minutes. From here, a local guide will meet you and transfer you to the town docks, where a covered, motorised canoe will take you on a two-hour journey down the Napo River to the Sacha Lodge (or Napo Lodge – refer to 'Other Information' for more details). Upon arrival, walk along a raised boardwalk for around 30 minutes through dense forest to Pilchicocha Lake, where dugout canoes await to take you to the lodge - arriving in the afternoon at around 4 pm. There's time this afternoon to take a walk, a swim or to explore the surrounding jungle and its wildlife. After dinner tonight you may want to accompany your naturalist guide into the jungle for a night walk or perhaps a canoe ride on the lake (great for spotting the glowing eyes of caiman).

Amazon Jungle Lodge

Rise early this morning and begin activity between 6 and 7 am. Take the walking trail of Liana Chica (approximately 30 minutes) and arrive at the canopy walk for spectacular views of the rainforest canopy and various species of exotic birds. Designed to be a self-standing, rigid suspension canopy walk, it's one of only a few in the world. Two of the three towers have observation decks every 12 metres, making towers accessible for everyone. The canopy walkway is set at 36 metres high and 275 metres long, giving guests a panoramic view of the rainforest. After the canopy walk, hike through terra firma and igapo forest habitats where native guides will explain many different species of medicinal plants that have been being used in their culture for hundreds of years. Liana Grande will turn into the trail Higueron, which will take you through primary forest with huge Kapok and Fig trees towering hundreds of feet above your head. After lunch, you may choose to take a leisurely hike along the Rio Napo, or choose a little more challenging hike on the trail Leoncillo to try and spot the elusive dusky titi monkey. Either way, the trails will lead you back to the main boardwalk for your final hike and canoe ride back to the lodge.

Amazon Jungle Lodge

Leaving the lodge after breakfast, begin your hike on trail Lagartococha. This trail offers you the chance to learn more about the native people and their relationship with the forest. Learn about the trees where native people believe the spirits of their ancestors live, and the mysterious dwende (devil-man) of the forest. After arriving at lake Lagartococha, take a tranquil canoe ride through a natural swamp, which home to anacondas, caiman and capybaras. After the canoe ride, a walk on the other side of Largatococha may give you the opportunity to spot capuchin or squirrel monkeys. Return from the walk or canoe ride and head back to the lodge for a refreshing dip in the lake, or a nice relaxing nap in your personal hammock on your private balcony. After lunch, your native guide will teach you how to fish for the infamous razor-toothed piranha. Keep in mind that piranhas will never attack a person and swimming at the same time is perfectly safe. In the afternoon you will begin what many think is the best trail at Sacha, a silent canoe ride through the flooded Amazonian forest. Keep your eyes peeled for the shy and elusive river otter, as well as the camouflaged three-toed sloth. After your ride through the flooded forest, arrive at Sacha´s 135-foot wooden tower that's built around an ancient Kapok tree. Spot wildlife and watch the sunset, with an amazing view of Mount Sumaco. A canoe ride back through the flooded forest at night is unforgettable. Watch for several species of bats flying over your heads and caiman in the water below.


Today you'll be transferred by boat back to Coca for your flight to Quito, where your trip ends upon arrival at Quito Airport. Flights usually arrive back in Quito at around 1 pm, but there's always the likelihood of your flight being delayed. This being the case, you may wish to book an additional night's accommodation in Quito and also a transfer from airport to hotel at an additional cost. These should be booked at the same time you book your trip. If you're planning to depart Quito today, we advise you not to book a departure flight until at least 4 pm.

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Trip Code: PSAW4X

Group Size: 4

Start: Quito

End: Quito

Duration: 4

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