Abu Dhabi Discovery

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Gaze in awe at the majestic Grand Mosque and vast array of skyscrapers dominating the city skyline. Prepare your wallet for an opulent shopping trip at Abu Dhabi’s impressive malls. Drive along the perfectly manicured waterfront of Corniche. 4WD into the golden sand dunes of Arabia, then experience camel riding and local culture at a Bedouin campsite


From humble beginnings rise great things. The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi has transformed from a small fishing village into a sky-scrapered metropolis where even falcons have passports and fly in first class. Marvel at the glittering skyline of glass and steel, and at the marble domes of the Grand Mosque, one of the world’s most extravagant places of worship. Delve into the culture and history of the city-state while wandering down seaside walkways, and see the pre-oil world in the Heritage Village. With a dose of poolside relaxation and retail therapy, this is a perfect short introduction to the Emirates.

Breakfast Included: 2

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Dinner Included: 1



Trip Dates

Start Date End Date Price Room Type
20-JUN-2019 22-JUN-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
21-JUN-2019 23-JUN-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
22-JUN-2019 24-JUN-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
23-JUN-2019 25-JUN-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
24-JUN-2019 26-JUN-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
25-JUN-2019 27-JUN-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
26-JUN-2019 28-JUN-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
27-JUN-2019 29-JUN-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
28-JUN-2019 30-JUN-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
29-JUN-2019 01-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
30-JUN-2019 02-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
01-JUL-2019 03-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
02-JUL-2019 04-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
03-JUL-2019 05-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
04-JUL-2019 06-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
05-JUL-2019 07-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
06-JUL-2019 08-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
07-JUL-2019 09-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
08-JUL-2019 10-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
09-JUL-2019 11-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
10-JUL-2019 12-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
11-JUL-2019 13-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
12-JUL-2019 14-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
13-JUL-2019 15-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
14-JUL-2019 16-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
15-JUL-2019 17-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
16-JUL-2019 18-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
17-JUL-2019 19-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
18-JUL-2019 20-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
19-JUL-2019 21-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
20-JUL-2019 22-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
21-JUL-2019 23-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
22-JUL-2019 24-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
23-JUL-2019 25-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
24-JUL-2019 26-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
25-JUL-2019 27-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
26-JUL-2019 28-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
27-JUL-2019 29-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
28-JUL-2019 30-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
29-JUL-2019 31-JUL-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
30-JUL-2019 01-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
31-JUL-2019 02-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
01-AUG-2019 03-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
02-AUG-2019 04-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
03-AUG-2019 05-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
04-AUG-2019 06-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
05-AUG-2019 07-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
06-AUG-2019 08-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
07-AUG-2019 09-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
08-AUG-2019 10-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
09-AUG-2019 11-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
10-AUG-2019 12-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
11-AUG-2019 13-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
12-AUG-2019 14-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
13-AUG-2019 15-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
14-AUG-2019 16-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
15-AUG-2019 17-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
16-AUG-2019 18-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
17-AUG-2019 19-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
18-AUG-2019 20-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
19-AUG-2019 21-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
20-AUG-2019 22-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
21-AUG-2019 23-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
22-AUG-2019 24-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
23-AUG-2019 25-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
24-AUG-2019 26-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
25-AUG-2019 27-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
26-AUG-2019 28-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
27-AUG-2019 29-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
28-AUG-2019 30-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
29-AUG-2019 31-AUG-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
30-AUG-2019 01-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
31-AUG-2019 02-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
01-SEP-2019 03-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
02-SEP-2019 04-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
03-SEP-2019 05-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
04-SEP-2019 06-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
05-SEP-2019 07-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
06-SEP-2019 08-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
07-SEP-2019 09-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
08-SEP-2019 10-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
09-SEP-2019 11-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
10-SEP-2019 12-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
11-SEP-2019 13-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
12-SEP-2019 14-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
13-SEP-2019 15-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
14-SEP-2019 16-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
15-SEP-2019 17-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
16-SEP-2019 18-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
17-SEP-2019 19-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
18-SEP-2019 20-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
19-SEP-2019 21-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
20-SEP-2019 22-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
21-SEP-2019 23-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
22-SEP-2019 24-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
23-SEP-2019 25-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
24-SEP-2019 26-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
25-SEP-2019 27-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
26-SEP-2019 28-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
27-SEP-2019 29-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
28-SEP-2019 30-SEP-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
29-SEP-2019 01-OCT-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
30-SEP-2019 02-OCT-2019 AUD $520.00 N/A
01-OCT-2019 03-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
02-OCT-2019 04-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
03-OCT-2019 05-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
04-OCT-2019 06-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
05-OCT-2019 07-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
06-OCT-2019 08-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
07-OCT-2019 09-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
08-OCT-2019 10-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
09-OCT-2019 11-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
10-OCT-2019 12-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
11-OCT-2019 13-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
12-OCT-2019 14-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
13-OCT-2019 15-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
14-OCT-2019 16-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
15-OCT-2019 17-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
16-OCT-2019 18-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
17-OCT-2019 19-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
18-OCT-2019 20-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
19-OCT-2019 21-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
20-OCT-2019 22-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
21-OCT-2019 23-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
22-OCT-2019 24-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
23-OCT-2019 25-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
24-OCT-2019 26-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
25-OCT-2019 27-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
26-OCT-2019 28-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
27-OCT-2019 29-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
28-OCT-2019 30-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
29-OCT-2019 31-OCT-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
30-OCT-2019 01-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
31-OCT-2019 02-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
01-NOV-2019 03-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
02-NOV-2019 04-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
03-NOV-2019 05-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
04-NOV-2019 06-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
05-NOV-2019 07-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
06-NOV-2019 08-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
07-NOV-2019 09-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
08-NOV-2019 10-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
09-NOV-2019 11-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
10-NOV-2019 12-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
11-NOV-2019 13-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
12-NOV-2019 14-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
13-NOV-2019 15-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
14-NOV-2019 16-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
15-NOV-2019 17-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
16-NOV-2019 18-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
17-NOV-2019 19-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
18-NOV-2019 20-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
19-NOV-2019 21-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
20-NOV-2019 22-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
21-NOV-2019 23-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
22-NOV-2019 24-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
23-NOV-2019 25-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
24-NOV-2019 26-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
25-NOV-2019 27-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
26-NOV-2019 28-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
27-NOV-2019 29-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
28-NOV-2019 30-NOV-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
29-NOV-2019 01-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
30-NOV-2019 02-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
01-DEC-2019 03-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
02-DEC-2019 04-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
03-DEC-2019 05-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
04-DEC-2019 06-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
05-DEC-2019 07-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
06-DEC-2019 08-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
07-DEC-2019 09-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
08-DEC-2019 10-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
09-DEC-2019 11-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
10-DEC-2019 12-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
11-DEC-2019 13-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
12-DEC-2019 14-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
13-DEC-2019 15-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
14-DEC-2019 16-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
15-DEC-2019 17-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
16-DEC-2019 18-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
17-DEC-2019 19-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
18-DEC-2019 20-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
19-DEC-2019 21-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
20-DEC-2019 22-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
21-DEC-2019 23-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
22-DEC-2019 24-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
23-DEC-2019 25-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
24-DEC-2019 26-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
25-DEC-2019 27-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
26-DEC-2019 28-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
27-DEC-2019 29-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
28-DEC-2019 30-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
29-DEC-2019 31-DEC-2019 AUD $610.00 N/A
30-DEC-2019 01-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
31-DEC-2019 02-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
03-JAN-2020 05-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
04-JAN-2020 06-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
05-JAN-2020 07-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
06-JAN-2020 08-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
07-JAN-2020 09-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
08-JAN-2020 10-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
09-JAN-2020 11-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
10-JAN-2020 12-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
11-JAN-2020 13-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
12-JAN-2020 14-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
13-JAN-2020 15-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
14-JAN-2020 16-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
15-JAN-2020 17-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
16-JAN-2020 18-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
17-JAN-2020 19-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
18-JAN-2020 20-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
19-JAN-2020 21-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
20-JAN-2020 22-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
21-JAN-2020 23-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
22-JAN-2020 24-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
23-JAN-2020 25-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
24-JAN-2020 26-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
25-JAN-2020 27-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
26-JAN-2020 28-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
27-JAN-2020 29-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
28-JAN-2020 30-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
29-JAN-2020 31-JAN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
30-JAN-2020 01-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
31-JAN-2020 02-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
01-FEB-2020 03-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
02-FEB-2020 04-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
03-FEB-2020 05-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
04-FEB-2020 06-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
05-FEB-2020 07-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
06-FEB-2020 08-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
07-FEB-2020 09-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
08-FEB-2020 10-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
09-FEB-2020 11-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
10-FEB-2020 12-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
11-FEB-2020 13-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
12-FEB-2020 14-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
13-FEB-2020 15-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
14-FEB-2020 16-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
15-FEB-2020 17-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
16-FEB-2020 18-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
17-FEB-2020 19-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
18-FEB-2020 20-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
19-FEB-2020 21-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
20-FEB-2020 22-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
21-FEB-2020 23-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
22-FEB-2020 24-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
23-FEB-2020 25-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
24-FEB-2020 26-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
25-FEB-2020 27-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
26-FEB-2020 28-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
27-FEB-2020 29-FEB-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
28-FEB-2020 01-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
29-FEB-2020 02-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
01-MAR-2020 03-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
02-MAR-2020 04-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
03-MAR-2020 05-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
04-MAR-2020 06-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
05-MAR-2020 07-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
06-MAR-2020 08-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
07-MAR-2020 09-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
08-MAR-2020 10-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
09-MAR-2020 11-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
10-MAR-2020 12-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
11-MAR-2020 13-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
12-MAR-2020 14-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
13-MAR-2020 15-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
14-MAR-2020 16-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
15-MAR-2020 17-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
16-MAR-2020 18-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
17-MAR-2020 19-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
18-MAR-2020 20-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
19-MAR-2020 21-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
20-MAR-2020 22-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
21-MAR-2020 23-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
22-MAR-2020 24-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
23-MAR-2020 25-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
24-MAR-2020 26-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
25-MAR-2020 27-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
26-MAR-2020 28-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
27-MAR-2020 29-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
28-MAR-2020 30-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
29-MAR-2020 31-MAR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
30-MAR-2020 01-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
31-MAR-2020 02-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
01-APR-2020 03-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
02-APR-2020 04-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
03-APR-2020 05-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
04-APR-2020 06-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
05-APR-2020 07-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
06-APR-2020 08-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
07-APR-2020 09-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
08-APR-2020 10-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
09-APR-2020 11-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
10-APR-2020 12-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
11-APR-2020 13-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
12-APR-2020 14-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
13-APR-2020 15-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
14-APR-2020 16-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
15-APR-2020 17-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
16-APR-2020 18-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
17-APR-2020 19-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
18-APR-2020 20-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
19-APR-2020 21-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
20-APR-2020 22-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
21-APR-2020 23-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
22-APR-2020 24-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
23-APR-2020 25-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
24-APR-2020 26-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
25-APR-2020 27-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
26-APR-2020 28-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
27-APR-2020 29-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
28-APR-2020 30-APR-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
29-APR-2020 01-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
30-APR-2020 02-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
01-MAY-2020 03-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
02-MAY-2020 04-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
03-MAY-2020 05-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
04-MAY-2020 06-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
05-MAY-2020 07-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
06-MAY-2020 08-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
07-MAY-2020 09-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
08-MAY-2020 10-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
09-MAY-2020 11-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
10-MAY-2020 12-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
11-MAY-2020 13-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
12-MAY-2020 14-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
13-MAY-2020 15-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
14-MAY-2020 16-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
15-MAY-2020 17-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
16-MAY-2020 18-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
17-MAY-2020 19-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
18-MAY-2020 20-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
19-MAY-2020 21-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
20-MAY-2020 22-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
21-MAY-2020 23-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
22-MAY-2020 24-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
23-MAY-2020 25-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
24-MAY-2020 26-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
25-MAY-2020 27-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
26-MAY-2020 28-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
27-MAY-2020 29-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
28-MAY-2020 30-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
29-MAY-2020 31-MAY-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
30-MAY-2020 01-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
31-MAY-2020 02-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
01-JUN-2020 03-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
02-JUN-2020 04-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
03-JUN-2020 05-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
04-JUN-2020 06-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
05-JUN-2020 07-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
06-JUN-2020 08-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
07-JUN-2020 09-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
08-JUN-2020 10-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
09-JUN-2020 11-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
10-JUN-2020 12-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
11-JUN-2020 13-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
12-JUN-2020 14-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
13-JUN-2020 15-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
14-JUN-2020 16-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
15-JUN-2020 17-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
16-JUN-2020 18-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
17-JUN-2020 19-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
18-JUN-2020 20-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
19-JUN-2020 21-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
20-JUN-2020 22-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
21-JUN-2020 23-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
22-JUN-2020 24-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
23-JUN-2020 25-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
24-JUN-2020 26-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
25-JUN-2020 27-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
26-JUN-2020 28-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
27-JUN-2020 29-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
28-JUN-2020 30-JUN-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
29-JUN-2020 01-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
30-JUN-2020 02-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
01-JUL-2020 03-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
02-JUL-2020 04-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
03-JUL-2020 05-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
04-JUL-2020 06-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
05-JUL-2020 07-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
06-JUL-2020 08-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
07-JUL-2020 09-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
08-JUL-2020 10-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
09-JUL-2020 11-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
10-JUL-2020 12-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
11-JUL-2020 13-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
12-JUL-2020 14-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
13-JUL-2020 15-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
14-JUL-2020 16-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
15-JUL-2020 17-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
16-JUL-2020 18-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
17-JUL-2020 19-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
18-JUL-2020 20-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
19-JUL-2020 21-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
20-JUL-2020 22-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
21-JUL-2020 23-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
22-JUL-2020 24-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
23-JUL-2020 25-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
24-JUL-2020 26-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
25-JUL-2020 27-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
26-JUL-2020 28-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
27-JUL-2020 29-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
28-JUL-2020 30-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
29-JUL-2020 31-JUL-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
30-JUL-2020 01-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
31-JUL-2020 02-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
01-AUG-2020 03-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
02-AUG-2020 04-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
03-AUG-2020 05-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
04-AUG-2020 06-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
05-AUG-2020 07-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
06-AUG-2020 08-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
07-AUG-2020 09-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
08-AUG-2020 10-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
09-AUG-2020 11-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
10-AUG-2020 12-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
11-AUG-2020 13-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
12-AUG-2020 14-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
13-AUG-2020 15-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
14-AUG-2020 16-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
15-AUG-2020 17-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
16-AUG-2020 18-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
17-AUG-2020 19-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
18-AUG-2020 20-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
19-AUG-2020 21-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
20-AUG-2020 22-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
21-AUG-2020 23-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
22-AUG-2020 24-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
23-AUG-2020 25-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
24-AUG-2020 26-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
25-AUG-2020 27-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
26-AUG-2020 28-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
27-AUG-2020 29-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
28-AUG-2020 30-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
29-AUG-2020 31-AUG-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
30-AUG-2020 01-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
31-AUG-2020 02-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
01-SEP-2020 03-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
02-SEP-2020 04-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
03-SEP-2020 05-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
04-SEP-2020 06-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
05-SEP-2020 07-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
06-SEP-2020 08-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
07-SEP-2020 09-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
08-SEP-2020 10-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
09-SEP-2020 11-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
10-SEP-2020 12-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
11-SEP-2020 13-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
12-SEP-2020 14-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
13-SEP-2020 15-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
14-SEP-2020 16-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
15-SEP-2020 17-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
16-SEP-2020 18-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
17-SEP-2020 19-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
18-SEP-2020 20-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
19-SEP-2020 21-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
20-SEP-2020 22-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
21-SEP-2020 23-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
22-SEP-2020 24-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
23-SEP-2020 25-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
24-SEP-2020 26-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
25-SEP-2020 27-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
26-SEP-2020 28-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
27-SEP-2020 29-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
28-SEP-2020 30-SEP-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
29-SEP-2020 01-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
30-SEP-2020 02-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
01-OCT-2020 03-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
02-OCT-2020 04-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
03-OCT-2020 05-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
04-OCT-2020 06-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
05-OCT-2020 07-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
06-OCT-2020 08-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
07-OCT-2020 09-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
08-OCT-2020 10-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
09-OCT-2020 11-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
10-OCT-2020 12-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
11-OCT-2020 13-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
12-OCT-2020 14-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
13-OCT-2020 15-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
14-OCT-2020 16-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
15-OCT-2020 17-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
16-OCT-2020 18-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
17-OCT-2020 19-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
18-OCT-2020 20-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
19-OCT-2020 21-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
20-OCT-2020 22-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
21-OCT-2020 23-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
22-OCT-2020 24-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
23-OCT-2020 25-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
24-OCT-2020 26-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
25-OCT-2020 27-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
26-OCT-2020 28-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
27-OCT-2020 29-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
28-OCT-2020 30-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
29-OCT-2020 31-OCT-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
30-OCT-2020 01-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
31-OCT-2020 02-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
01-NOV-2020 03-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
02-NOV-2020 04-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
03-NOV-2020 05-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
04-NOV-2020 06-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
05-NOV-2020 07-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
06-NOV-2020 08-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
07-NOV-2020 09-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
08-NOV-2020 10-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
09-NOV-2020 11-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
10-NOV-2020 12-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
11-NOV-2020 13-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
12-NOV-2020 14-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
13-NOV-2020 15-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
14-NOV-2020 16-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
15-NOV-2020 17-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
16-NOV-2020 18-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
17-NOV-2020 19-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
18-NOV-2020 20-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
19-NOV-2020 21-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
20-NOV-2020 22-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
21-NOV-2020 23-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
22-NOV-2020 24-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
23-NOV-2020 25-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
24-NOV-2020 26-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
25-NOV-2020 27-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
26-NOV-2020 28-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
27-NOV-2020 29-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
28-NOV-2020 30-NOV-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
29-NOV-2020 01-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
30-NOV-2020 02-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
01-DEC-2020 03-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
02-DEC-2020 04-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
03-DEC-2020 05-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
04-DEC-2020 06-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
05-DEC-2020 07-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
06-DEC-2020 08-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
07-DEC-2020 09-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
08-DEC-2020 10-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
09-DEC-2020 11-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
10-DEC-2020 12-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
11-DEC-2020 13-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
12-DEC-2020 14-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
13-DEC-2020 15-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
14-DEC-2020 16-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
15-DEC-2020 17-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
16-DEC-2020 18-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
17-DEC-2020 19-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
18-DEC-2020 20-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
19-DEC-2020 21-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
20-DEC-2020 22-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
21-DEC-2020 23-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
22-DEC-2020 24-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
23-DEC-2020 25-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
24-DEC-2020 26-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
25-DEC-2020 27-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
26-DEC-2020 28-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
27-DEC-2020 29-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A
28-DEC-2020 30-DEC-2020 AUD $610.00 N/A

Abu Dhabi

Ahlan Wa Sahlan! Welcome to the capital of the United Arab Emirates. On arrival into Abu Dhabi Airport please clear customs and collect your luggage before locating your shuttle transfer representative (if you have pre-booked this service). This Shortbreak Adventure is operated by our local operator Desert Adventures, and includes a seat on a coach transfer to your hotel. Please look for a Desert Adventures representative wearing an orange t-shirt and carrying a sign with your name. Once all passengers have arrived you will be transferred to centrally located hotel. The hotel is conveniently located about 20mins from Abu Dhabi Airport. The rest of the day is free to spend as you wish. Perhaps head out for some retail therapy, enjoy the roof-top pool or jump on the complimentary bus service to the beach. There is plenty to do and see in Abu Dhabi. If you wish to stay longer ask your agent about booking additional pre or post tour accommodation.

Abu Dhabi

This morning is yours to explore at your own leisure. Be mesmerised by the grandness of the new additions to Abu Dhabi’s skyline. Marvel at the jewel of the city, the majestic Grand Mosque, the third largest in the world. It sparkles in the sun like the Taj Mahal, with thousands of columns decorated with flowers, and domes topped with golden spires. Perhaps do some shopping at the Abu Dhabi Marina Mall, home to a large array of luxury boutiques and souvenir stores, or relax with a walk along the Corniche, an impressive eight-kilometre stretch of perfectly manicured waterfront with children’s play area, beach, cafés and restaurants. In the afternoon, join safari guides in a 4WD for an adventure into the golden sand dunes of Arabia. Experience the thrill of a lifetime while riding through the undulating dunes, then see a beautiful scenic sunset over the desert. Continue to a Bedouin campsite, where you can take a camel ride through the dunes. There is also henna design, Arabic gava (coffee), local dresses, refreshments, a Hubbly Bubbly (hookah) and a delicious barbeque buffet to enjoy. Adding to the atmosphere of the night is an enchanting belly dancer performing to Arabic rhythms. After this desert adventure, return to your Abu Dhabi Hotel

Abu Dhabi

There are no activities planned for the final day and this trip finishes after breakfast. This Shortbreak includes a departure transfer shuttle back to Abu Dhabi Airport. You will be collected from the hotel's main lobby approximately three hours before your scheduled departure flight. Your pick up details will be confirmed in the welcome pack you receive on Day 1. If you wish to extend you stay in Abu Dhabi, please speak to your booking agent about additional post tour accommodation.

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Trip Code: ESAD

Group Size: 12

Start: Abu Dhabi

End: Abu Dhabi

Duration: 3

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