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Shelby Triscari

Shelby Triscari: Travel Specialist at the Peregrine Travel Centre WA

Years in travel: 12

Countries visited: Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Russia, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Mauritius, Singapore & Japan.

Shelby started in travel when she was 17 and began at her families local travel agency specialising in luxury holidays & river cruising, since then she moved from leisure bookings onto corporate travel, group travel, international events travel and now adventure travel!

When Shelby was 18 she had her first educational trip to New Zealand where she was able to experience the best things to do in Queenstown. She did many adventure activities from the steepest zip line in the southern hemisphere to the famous Shotover jet.
Shelby loved New Zealand so much that she went on to win the highest seller award for ANZCRO (New Zealand supplier) in 2012 so if you are thinking about a trip to New Zealand – she will be able to help you plan the perfect trip!

Shelby has been lucky enough to experience some amazing things during her time in travel, particular highlights being her trip to Russia where she river cruised from Moscow to St Petersburg and visited the small Russian towns in-between.
She also interviewed a cosmonaut in Moscow, experienced the Russian ballet at a palace in St Petersburg and visited the world famous Hermitage Museum!

She also loved her trip to Mauritius where she explored the local markets of Port Louis, did trapeze lessons in Albion, walked along side lions and snorkelled the beautiful crystal clear waters.

Japan was one of the top destinations on Shelby’s travel bucket list and she finally travelled to this amazing country in May 2019. She experienced her first trip with Intrepid (Japan Land Of The Rising Sun) and visited Tokyo, Nikko, Hakone, Takayama, Hiroshima, Miyajima Island, Himeji, Kyoto and Osaka and absolutely loved the tour and she now thinks Shinkanzen (bullet train) is the best form of transport EVER! Shelby says that it doesn’t matter who you are – Japan is a country that has something for everyone.

Next year she plans to visit Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia with Intrepid Travel.

Still on the Bucket List: Madagascar, The Galapagos islands, Borneo, Turkey, Morocco, Iceland, Mexico & India!

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