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Anna Bulleid

Anna has over 34 years industry experience and has travelled to close on 70 countries and all seven continents since being “bitten by the travel bug” in her mid-teens.  After completing her travel degree in 1990 she bought the one-way ticket to London and spent the next couple of years working for Contiki in the picture postcard perfect village of Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland and then as a tour leader with Top Deck, allowing her to travel extensively all over Europe including the Scandinavian countries.

After a stint back in Perth as a retail travel consultant Anna strapped on the backpack again and headed to South America for 3 months, starting in Rio de Janerio and visiting such highlights as Iguaçu Falls, Bariloche, The Altiplano, Cusco and Machu Picchu.  On the way home Anna decided to get off the flight in Africa and stayed.  For over 3 years Anna worked as a tour leader with an overland company running trips from 2 to 9 weeks in duration between East and Southern Africa.  During this time she guided groups through a multitude of wildlife parks, trekked on many occasions to the Mountain Gorillas, canoed and rafted the Zambezi River and camped in wild “off the beaten track” locations; so started a passion for not only all things African, but wildlife and wilderness in general which, along with a passion for photography, has not diminished over the years.

Since joining Peregrine Travel Centre in 2000, Anna has continued her love affair with Africa and annually escorts small private groups to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and beyond.  Her travel repertoire has not been confined just to Africa, over the last 15 years, she has visited such places as the Middle East; Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Turkey and Morocco, with their fascinating ancient history, South East Asia, Indochina and India and the Galapagos Islands and Amazon Jungle in Ecuador. In 2011 Anna journeyed to Central Asia with its incredible Silk Road history, adding Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan into the mix

2013 was another big year for Anna, ticking off her 7th continent with a trip to the USA, visiting the national parks of North America’s West Coast; escorting a group on safari in Zambia, Botswana and Namibia and a second voyage back to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia & the Antarctic Peninsula on the Akademik Sergey Vavilov in November. In August 2014 Anna returned to East Africa escorting her annual  small group on her popular Gorillas, Game & Zanzibar itinerary which she has been perfecting over many years now.

2015 became the year when Anna finally got to complete her Arctic trifecta visiting the Canadian North West Passage and remote locations like Baffin Island, Beechey Island, Cunningham Bay and the west coast of Greenland.  Following Canada she spent two weeks in Iceland, a fascinating island with an ever changing landscape of waterfalls, geysers, glaciers and volcanoes!  Adding these to her Svalbard (Spitsbergen) voyage and three trips south to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica gives Anna extensive experience of the Polar regions.

2016 was a wildlife bonanza for Anna with a March whale watching trip along the Baja California Peninsula Mexico and a visit to an eco-camp in Corcovado National Park Costa Rica.  August saw her escorting a small private group to Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda to trek with chimps and mountain gorillas and witness the spectacle of the annual migration on the plains of the Masai Mara.

Anna escorted a group to the wildlife destination of Svalbard in 2017 and was rewarded with some spectacular Polar bear action, then in October a visit to Madagascar rounded off the year and added another level of knowledge to her African experience.

Anna’s 2018 trip Africa took in Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda. Taking this safari in August gave the group the best opportunity to see the Great Migration of the plains animals like wildebeest, and the following big cats and other predators. The group also visited the mountain highland home of the last remaining Mountain Gorillas in Uganda, surely one of the most wonderful wildlife experiences available in the world today.

In March 2019 Anna revisited Baja California Peninsula in Mexico to renew her connection with the whales and marine life there. In June Anna escorted one of groups on the RCGS Resolute on a very successful voyage from ‘Scotland to Iceland via the Orkney’s, the Shetlands and the Faroes’. The archaeological sites comprising of Standing Stone Circles and ancient ruined villages were especially intriguing for our group.

Anna’s last trip for 2019 will be one that visits places that few people will ever be privileged to see, the Sub-antarctic Islands of Australia & New Zealand aboard the Spirit of Enderby through Heritage Expeditions. The group will visit Macquarie Island and then voyage over to the southern parts of New Zealand to the Snares, the Auckland Island & Campbell Islands. These island sanctuaries are home to huge numbers of breeding birds and marine life. Some are too precious to even allow landings but there will be plenty of ways to explore this remote part of the world.

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