Limited Edition Tours & Expeditions

We’re proud to announce a range of unique new journeys for travellers looking to combine their special interests with their love of travel. From history and archaeology, to literature, photography and wildlife, our Limited Edition small group tours have been crafted just for you.


Trekking to El Mirador, Guatemala

There are three ways to get to the abandoned city of El Mirador, deep in the Guatemalan jungle: by helicopter (Mel Gibson’s preferred mode), on horseback, or on foot. On this new Intrepid expedition, we take the third option (with the help of a couple of trusty mules) and trek through over 60 kilometres of thick jungle to this fascinating Maya city.


Mexico Beyond the Day of the Dead

Let El Dia de Muertos be your gateway into Mexico. An ancient festival that remains at the heart of Mexican popular culture, the Day of the Dead. Travel from Mexico City up the Pacific coast to Chihuahua, joining the locals in remembering the departed and seeing how the country comes to life. Visit towns like La Noria and Patzcuaro to see traditional altars covered in offerings, cemeteries filled with life, and families decorating tombs. Sip tequila in its namesake, then board Mexico’s greatest engineering feat – the epic Chepe railway – for a three-day ride that covers the breathtaking scenery of the Copper Canyon.


Peru Inti Raymi & Archaeology

Peru is a country in the midst of a cultural revival. It’s only in the last century that the country’s proud inhabitants have broken free of the shackles imposed by the Spanish conquest to embrace their ancestral Quechua language and customs, including the Inti Raymi – one of the most important festivals of the Inca calendar. Full of colour, movement and spectacle, this unique event offers a rare glimpse into ancient Inca life.

Pyramids, Mummies & Pharaohs

If you’ve ever had a fascination in the ancient gods, goddesses and tombs of Egypt, this in-depth, off-the-beaten-track trip is for you. From the famous pyramids of Giza to the less-known Red and Bent Pyramids in Dashur, through the Old Kingdom capital of Memphis and along the winding Nile, your local guide Ahmed (a knowledgable Egyptologist and history buff himself), will take you on a journey through Egypt’s incredible past, landscapes and mythology.


Jordan Explorer – Perseid Meteor Shower

The sweeping desert and echoing formations of Wadi Rum, the hidden, hand-hewn facades of Petra and the ancient Roman ruins at Jerash all make Jordan a true adventurer’s paradise. With its sole focus on Jordan, this an inspiring Middle Eastern journey. Astronomy is an important part of traditional Arabic culture and during our stay in Wadi Rum you will be able to witness the amazing Perseids meteor shower which peaks every year around mid August and is one of the brightest meteor showers.


Expedition Djibouti – Footsteps of the Afar

With its mix of hiking, snorkelling and camel riding this trip is not for the faint hearted. However, if you want to experience life like a nomad as we traverse the Djibouti landscape alongside a camel; hike to the top of a volcano; float in one of the world’s saltiest lakes and come face-to-face with whale sharks then this expedition is right up your alley. The scenery is diverse and spectacular, passing everything from volcanoes, hot springs and salt flats to beaches and forests. Hikes to Lake Assal, Ardoukoba Volcano and Foret du Day National Park are rewarded with free time on the beach at Plage des Sables Blancs and sleeping “Belles Étoiles” (under the stars) at Allouli.


Tamang Heritage and Langtang Valley Trek

The opening of the Tamang Heritage Trail, which was once an unexplored part of the Langtang National Park, allows you to venture deep into the Tamang hinterland. This trek takes you through the verdant midlands and into Tamang villages including Briddim and Gatlang, where you will have a chance to meet locals. The Tamang people were originally Tibetan horse traders who used to migrate back and forth between Tibet and the lowlands of Nepal. They are considered one of the oldest tribes of Nepal, with roots tracing back to the ancient people of Mongolia.


Goroka Show, Papua New Guinea

Every year in September, over 100 clans gather in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea for one of the biggest tribal festivals in the world: the Goroka Show. Set to the beat of Kundu drums, thousands of painted, feather-adorned tribespeople come together in a huge sing-sing to perform traditional songs, dances and rituals. Under the guidance of a local leader, you’ll spend two full days at the Show, as well as several days in the beautiful Asaro Valley, where you’ll interact with friendly villagers – including the famous Asaro Mudmen and Simbu tribes – through performances and immersive activities. Keen to step off the beaten path and learn about some of the world’s best preserved tribal cultures? This is your chance.


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