Jenelle Collette

Jenelle’s love for travel started when she was 10, her dad won a mystery flight and took her with him and they ended up in Sydney for the day. Ever since then she wondered what other great places there were to explore in the world. Her first backpacking experience was after high school starting in Sydney for the New Years fireworks and ending 5 weeks later in Cairns.

In 2003 she traveled to Europe with a friend backpacking and then doing the standard young Australian experience around Europe on a 46 day Contiki tour which also went to Egypt. She spent 4 months in total before returning to Australia. After that she had a strong desire to get back there and explore more. With a few short trips to Bali and the Northern Territory in between,her main aim was to save hard and return to Europe. In 2008 she went back starting in Italy for 2 months which went to become one of her favourite countries, with a visit there ever year during her six years in London,  as well as other short trips in Europe including Croatia, Germany, Austria, France and many others.

After a year and a half in an unexciting bank job she moved into the travel industry and for the next 4 and a half years made the most of the perks of the job. Highlights included India, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Morocco, USA, and China. While she loves big cities like London NYC, Shanghai and Istanbul her real passion is wildlife travel with one of her favourite trips being the Gorilla trekking in Rwanda and her first ever Safari experience in Choebe National Park.

Jenelle undertook her first educational with Peregrine in 2015 to Burma, or Myanmar. She joined a Peregrine group on a Burma, the Golden Land itinerary. Jenelle really enjoyed the interactions with the Burmese people, the food and Inle Lake was a particular favourite.

Fulfilling a long held ambition, Jenelle finally managed to visit southern India in November 2015. She reconnected with Northern India visiting Varanasi, Delhi and Agra before heading south for her Exodus Cycle Tour in Kerala, she now says she’ll be riding to work!

In February 2016 Jenelle managed to score the ultimate educational with a voyage to Antarctica with Peregrine and Quark Expeditions aboard their ship the Ocean Diamond. She had some brilliant wildlife experiences particularly with Humpbacked Whales, seeing over 30 in Wilhelmina Bay. Jenelle will now be superbly equipped to help our many Polar clients. Like most of our Antarctica clients Jenelle managed to fit in some South American action visiting Iguazu Falls and doing some trekking in Patagonia as well.

Jenelle has gone into holiday deficit by booking a Japan journey this year and South America is still right up there on her to do list where she would love to visit the Galapagos and Pantanal.

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