This is one of the greatest treks in the world. The Everest High Passes encompasses all there is about trekking. Firstly, the mountains, these are the Himalaya, the biggest mountains on earth, and they are enormous. Secondly, the local people, the Sherpa’s, they are friendly, unique and helpful. Their spirituality, their culture are all there on  display. However, the reality is […]

Mountain Lodges of Peru

Peru is undoubtedly one of the main highlights of South America, rich in history, culture, traditional arts, biodiversity and amazing food with a wild and rugged landscape featuring the peaks of the Andes, the Amazon rain forest and deep canyons. The scattered remnants of ancient civilisations including Machu Picchu, Lost City of the Incas are waiting to […]

Best of Patagonia

  Whether you visit Patagonia as a stand alone trip, or incorporate it into your Antarctic voyage adventure, this is one of the world’s most spectacular and pristine locations. The mountains of Patagonia are instantly recognisable due to their sheerness, the unbelievably steep cliffs and soaring rock faces. And where there are huge mountains, there are […]