Lonely Planet’s 2019 Best in Travel

Check Out Lonely Planet’s Top Travel Destinations Of 2019

Lonely Planet have just released their 2019 Best in Travel list and we’re pretty excited about these destinations! Browse the list, and if you have a feeling like you must visit that place, look just below each place to see our available trips for these exact locations. These top spots span worldwide and chances are you will find one that is perfect for you!

Sri Lanka

The land of cinnamon and sand.

An ancient spice island washed by the endless blue waves of the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka has just about everything a traveller could want – superb ancient sites, magnificent scenery, amazing wildlife, delicious cuisine, incredibly friendly and welcoming locals and lovely palm-fringed, white sandy beaches. Add to this a history touched by Portuguese, Dutch and British influences and a society with a strong and devout adherence to the Buddhist faith and we find an island-nation of incredibly rich diversity with much to offer. If curry and spice and all things nice is more your style, Sri Lanka gives India a run for its money when it comes to food. Munch on fresh fish and prawns at the Negombo seafood market, sample arak, Sri Lanka’s signature local tipple, and learn to cook traditional Sinhalese fare at a cooking class in a local’s home.

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Beer, art and baroque castles, Germany has culture to suit any taste

Germany might well be the arts capital of the world. Dotted with masterful castles, and flecked with modern museums, everywhere you turn there seems to be art to feast your senses. Try the Nymphenburg Palace, an opulent and incredibly ornate baroque treasure, or the Munich Residenz, a daunting palace filled with gold. Even the Berlin Wall has been beautified with colourful murals and street art. Embark on a Germany tour and be dazzled by this magical country.

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Follow the sprawling Zambezi River, drift between the gorges of Victoria Falls, and enter a land of sun and bush

Zimbabwe’s getaways are world famous, from the sights of the Zambezi to the nature trails of the bush. Get the Victoria Falls experience near the border of Zambia, taking in this unbelievable setting. And have your fix of safari at Hwange National Park. With over 100 different animals and over 400 different birds, there’s more than enough to feast your eyes on – not to mention one of Africa’s largest elephant populations.

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Uncrowded beaches, sensational surf breaks, magical rainforests and splendid colonial towns

Situated on the narrow isthmus bridging Central and South America, travellers will be wowed by palm-shaded (and uncrowded) beaches, sensational surf breaks, picturesque Colonial towns, and wildlife aplenty. In Panama’s west, Bocas del Toro is a melting pot of culture; home to West Indians, Latinos and expats, Bocas delivers the goods with diverse music, nightlife and food (not to mention some outstanding snorkelling). Cut to the highland town of Boquete for crystal-clear creeks and rivers, dense forest, howler monkeys, and the resplendent quetzal.

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If mountains are your thing, then Kyrgyzstan is your place.

Tucked into the heart of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan’s skyline is dominated by craggy peaks and alpine lakes. Pull on your boots and get trekking to really experience its spectacular beauty. You’re likely to come across spectacular glaciers, be invited into a yurt for some yoghurt or ushered to the sidelines of a ferocious game of goat polo.

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Visiting Jordan Is Other Worldly…

Modern cities filled with worldly citizens, mountainous regions dotted with small villages, and deserts inhabited by the nomadic Bedouin: Jordan has all this diversity and more.

Countless mighty kingdoms have risen and fallen here, and their glorious remains make Jordan a well of ancient history. There’s Petra, The Rose City, with its colossal facades carved into pink stone; and Jerash with its abounding roman pillars, amphitheatres and temples. Even Wadi Rum, the desert valley strewn with mystical rock formations, supports a people as old as the region itself

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With more than 17,000 mostly uninhabited islands to explore, Indonesia is one of the last great adventures left on the globe

There’s no question that Bali’s a beauty, but just beyond Indonesia’s popular holiday island there’s a vast new world to explore. Join Peregrine on a small-ship adventure cruise to some of the most enchanting isles of the Indonesian archipelago: the tiny twin paradises of Saringi and Karamat, the incredible crater lake of Satonda, unspoiled Banta, Komodo dragon-filled Rinca, and quiet Moyo, where hidden cascades lie in wait. Before returning to Kuta, stop on Lombok proper for a taste of traditional life on the mainland around gorgeous Senggigi Beach. With the comfort of four-star accommodation and the mobility of small ship, this Peregrine adventure cruise is Indonesian island-hopping at its finest.

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This former Soviet republic may still be more Soviet than European, but it has plenty to offer the trailblazing traveller

Strangely beautiful and remarkably clean, Minsk is a fascinating blend of Stalinist architecture, Soviet-era monuments, museums, theatres, and parks. Outside the capital, pastoral countryside gives way to quaint villages, pristine lakes and forested national parks, including Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park – the oldest wildlife reserve in Europe. Although the country was largely destroyed by WWII, a smattering of centuries-old castles and historic towns offer a glimpse of pre-communist Belarus. Be among the first to discover the understated appeal of this emerging nation.

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This drop-dead beautiful Central American nation with a distinct Caribbean flavour has something for everyone

Stunning reefs for divers, colourful wildlife for bird watchers, rare archaeological finds for history buffs and vibrant markets for culture vultures. Beautiful Belize’s natural delights and historic highlights will capture your imagination, and steal your heart. .

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